Super Hard Ons EP

by The Kramers

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bitch disco
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bitch disco Thrashin' shit.
6.5/10 Favorite track: Russian Drugger Mugger.
Mat Nechaev
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Mat Nechaev love u guys, have a good 2016
jack is an excellent guitar player, he's very "ughfffff" (in a good way)

ross 5 feb 2016

"don't quote me, you're as bad as the bbc"
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Themes: Girls and alcohol


released August 1, 2015

Written and recorded by The Kramers
Album art by original bad boy Noah Tournier



all rights reserved


The Kramers Perth, Australia

A punk band

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Track Name: Love Concoction
Get Down, Drive to Cure
No love, the elixiar to fix her
Needs you to make the first move
So he can get his groove

Got charm out his ears
Constrained by his fears
My minds in overdrive
On my drink i will thrive

Love concotion, makes you feel alright
Love concoction, makes you seem so fine
Track Name: GT Girls
All around in my head
Got me seeing red
Daddy set you up a trust
For me your a must

Your my life
You know what i like
Your messin' about
Gonna make me shout

Got your dad and boy he's rich
Momma's girl your sisters a bitch
But you get in a flip the switch
On my mind, you will find i was blind i can see you

My mates say lovin' you is a crime
I wanna make you all mine
But only be around for some of the time
If your shy, I will try you and I it will free you
Track Name: Throw Up
Bad Dreams, What they mean
In my head I regret the things i said

My mind, good times
I let loose when im over wired

Throw up, all my drink
My life flows down the sink

Im gone, what they find
I have reached my peace of mind
Track Name: Im Gonna Love Your Girl
Im gonna Im gonna, chop my wood
Im gonna Im gonna, chop it good
Im gonna Im gonna, like I should
Im gonna Im gonna, love your girl

Im gonna Im gonna, spread my seed
Im gonna Im gonna, get my feed
Im gonna Im gonna, like i need
Im gonna Im gonna, love your girl

Well you've got a man who's hella up tight
Come on here and i'll treat you right, alright
Track Name: Russian Drugger Mugger
Romeo and Julliet, you've got the love i cant get
Your a drugger mugger girl, stealing my heart one gram at a time

Body like a red corvette, on you my mind is set
Robbing me of all my time, you've got the gear to dope my mind

Thank you baby oh yes please, come on and say hi
More than one eighth of a sneeze is going down tonight
You keep bumping into me like like footy in my mind
Your and A but need a D girl I can provide

Love is like a drug you know and I am fucking high
Get on here and i will show the heights that we can fly
Your a drugger mugger girl nothing else to say
Hope that tonight will go down in my favourite way
Track Name: Golden Oak
Drinking on my own, its cold and I am stoned
Im far away from home, with no one left to phone

Mate how many have you had, Im not even that bad
Your not even a cop, get a fucking real job

Drining my Golden Oak
Typical Aussie bloke
Mate can i bum a smoke